Senior Software Engineer

May 2021 - PresentAmsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
Grafana Labs

Frontend Developer

Jan 2020 - Apr 2021 · 1 yr 4 mosAmsterdam Area, Netherlands
StuDocu -

StuDocu is an online community platform where university students around the world can share study resources and answer each other’s study-related questions.

⇨ Techstack: React, Redux, Storybook, CSS modules, Jest, Gherkin, Laravel (backend)

⇨ Responsibilities:

● Propose and Implement student-friendly features using A/B testing
● Maintain and improve the company product and decrease the current technical debt

⇨ Achievements

✔ Worked in ideation, monitoring, and implementation of multiple A/B Tests, one of them resulted in 20% fewer users contacting our CS and 27% of tickets created in our support system.

✔ Took ownership and start project with other Frontend developers and UX designers to create a new Design System using Storybook that increased development speed by reusing theme components.

✔ Collaborated in several UX sessions that helped redesign the Dashboard, and brought ideas to improve the general User Experience.

Software Engineer

Sep 2015 - Jun 2019 · 3 yrs 10 mosAmsterdam Area, Netherlands
Relay 42

An online marketing company that allows their customers to connect all of their client’s marketing touchpoints in one single product.

⇨ Techstack: React, Angular 1.5, Jest, Karma, SASS using BEM, Bitbucket, Bamboo (CI)

⇨ Responsibilities:

● Leading Basescript team: Javascript project that connected our platform with the client’s websites, identifying and sending the behaviors of the user’s website to our internal core business systems.

●Implementing features and fixing bugs in the WebUI project: B2B enterprise application for marketers.

⇨ Achievements:

✔ Worked in the migration from Angular js to React, ​analyzing the complexity of each task, and implementing it using React with Redux. Improving our rendering speed, plus introducing redux, resulted in fewer bugs and more readability in the code, speeding up the development process.

✔ Worked in the Ideation, prototyping, and first MVP of the Customer Journey feature (visual module for handling audiences), allowing our customers to visualize and structure better their use cases to maximize their revenue.

✔ Created the documentation for the basescript project by communicating with different teams. Identifying the potential issues and breaking the gap knowledge.

✔ Handled technical initiatives inside the codebase, like upgrading Angular 1.2 to 1.5, which brought the project to the latest version and fixed serious security issues.

Web UI Developer

May 2014 - Jun 2015 · 1 yr 2 mosMedellin, Colombia

An IT and Software Development company that outsource software services to big companies. I worked in this period with the National Geographic teams of KIDS, LODGES, and NEWS.


● Working in the creation of Javascript components using backbone and integrating them with CQ5, a large-scale web content management system that is currently available from Adobe Systems.


✔ Be able to learn and implement the features quickly using Backbone, CoffeeScript, and SASS in a CQ5 application.

✔ Perform in 3 different projects with different business contexts, technologies, and structures keeping excellent communication with the remote and onSite teams :)

✔ I Improved my English communication skills :D.

Web Developer

Jul 2012 - Mar 2014 · 1 yr 9 mosCucuta, Colombia
University from Santander

University that offers educational programs in different cities in Colombia

⇨ Responsibilities:

● Worked as a team member for different internal development tooling projects and leading Aurora project (ExAlumni platform) from scratch.

⇨ Achievements:

✔ Worked in the Ideation, prototyping and first MVP of the project Aurora (ExAlumni platform) using Laravel PHP in the Backend and AngularJS in Frontend.

✔ Be able to perform Implementing new features and fixing bugs in the 4 projects that were supporting the business process (control and registration for academic offices, booking classrooms, managing registration of courses and schedules of students) using PHP5 – Python – Symfony 2 – PostgreSQL – jQuery - LESS

Junior Web Developer

Dec 2011 - Jul 2012 · 8 mosCucuta, Colombia

⇨ Responsibilities:

● Develop applications and websites using PHP and CMS like Wordpress.

⇨ Achievements:

✔ Be able to work with for first time with different clients, industries and projects using different technologies, understanding that each project had their own approach to solve pro